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Will your Web Designer be there for you when you need them most? Don't settle for second rate service, or worse yet, be completely ignored! At 4Boxers we are devoted to our customer's needs. Actually, we want to cater to you till you are spoiled.

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What makes 4Boxers click?

About Responsive Web Design - no one is perfect

A word from the Owner: 4Boxers started out as a web site to show the world my precious and much loved Boxer Dogs. Their names were Benjamin B. Boxer, Pretty Girl Boots, Phoebe Buffay & Jacob Barker. I loved these dogs with all my heart. Sadly they are gone now, but their memory still warms my heart. I hope dogs go to heaven, I would love to hold and rub their soft fur again. I have owned 10 Boxers in my life time, they were a total blessing! Now I have Naomi, my little Black Brindle Boston Terrorist, err, Terrier... she owns me. She loves her daddy and daddy loves her.

Back to the previously scheduled program: Can we all agree that no one human is perfect? Well, through the trials and errors of life, we have found out that kindness, trustworthiness and dependability is crucial to maintaining a good healthy relationship. It doesn't matter if it is with a human or an animal, these traits are much needed. Along those lines, few things are more frustrating than making plans which involve moving things around in our schedules only to have someone flake out on us and not do what they said they were going to do.

At 4Boxers, we want to set high standards for what you can expect from us! We want to earn your trust. To leave you hanging is a major failure to us. Our goal is to get the project completed for the price we quoted in a timely fashion. Accountability is huge to us! Sometimes this may mean working 7 days a week, but the show must go on.

About Responsive Web Design - CommittmentThe owner of 4Boxers has had many different jobs in his life. One of these jobs was a Stage Hand for different bands. Sleeping on road cases backstage in between bands and working 18 to 22 hour days was not uncommon. So working long hours is no stranger to him. Nothing (except God or Family) can get in the way of the finish line, regardless if it is a concert or your web site project, the show must go on.

About Responsive Web Design - Habitat for HumanityWe have a heart for service. Volunteering is a passion of ours also. Sometimes Miracles Hide and Habitat for Humanity are just a few of the worthy causes we have helped. So, with that being said, we hope you can see where our hearts are as far as wanting to help you with your project. Many times our customers become close friends. In fact, we have actually helped two of our customers move their personal belongings to their new homes... and you know how fun moving can be. ;-)