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Responsive Web Design With Geolocation Navigation - Medford OR

Sometimes knowing where you are can be very handy to prospective clients. Research shows about 77% of searches are done with a Mobile Device because of convenience. These people are ready to buy or stop at your store or business. Why make it a challenge for them?

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Geolocation works on your Mobile Device or Computer

Since over 50% of Mobile Searches lead to some kind of conversation within one hour, your business is bound to see some great benefits from Smartphone and Notebook users.

Make your business easy to find and stop losing prospective clients

Geolocation Map RoutingWhat about a prospective client who is having a hard time finding your business? If they are on a Mobile Device or even sitting at a desk using their computer in Medford Oregon, Portland or even Anchorage Alaska, chances are they won't spend much time trying to track you down if someone else has a business that is easier to find and has a Responsive Web Site.

This feature gives your business location the upper hand when it comes to easily finding you. There is no need for your prospective client to search for your listing on Google after they find you web site. They just click and go. How handy is that?

Geolocation with Navigation Routing is only one click away

Geolocation with Navigation RoutingWell, your worries are over! We have just the thing you need to make your business or location easy to find and navigate to by using Google Maps with a Geolocation and Navigation App with a one click routing feature. If you have multiple locations that won't be a problem either! A Red Pin will mark each location on a map and your prospect can easily choose which location they want to use.

Without further delay I present Geolocation with Navigation

Below you will find an example of a map with the one click Routing feature. It will find your location and place a green pin where you are. If you are using an old web browser, this feature may not be supported, however, almost all newer browsers and mobile devices support the Geolocation API. Accuracy of this technology will be discussed later in this page.

To use the Routing function, simply click on the Red Pin and it will draw out the Routing with a blue line. It gets even better! You can drag either Pin A or Pin B to change your route. My heart be still!

Geolocation accuracy varies sometimes

How the API in Geolocation determines your location

First of all, API is the acronym or abbreviation for Application Program Interface. This may be slightly sophisticated, but here are the details. API can be described as a set of routines, protocols, and tools which are used for building software applications. You won't need the newest Smartphone or Mobile Device to be able to use Geolocation. Even a desktop or laptop computer with a newer version of web browser can use Geolocation. However, do to the technology that connects your device to the internet, results will vary.

Different ways your location is determined

If you are using a computer, your IP Address is used to determine your location. Sometimes this can be very accurate or other times can only resolve to the location of your local ISP's office.

If you are using a Mobile Device like a Smartphone, your location is determined by GPS Satellites and can be extremely accurate. If you're using a WiFi Connection at your favorite coffee shop, your location can be triangulated and is also very accurate.

If you are using an older cell phone, your location is typically determined by multiple Cell Towers triangulating your location. This can be pretty accurate also unless you are only being tracked by one tower out in the middle of no where.

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Some of the features our templates include are:

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NOTE: the Geolocation Navigation page feature is not included for the $500 price. It is an Add-On feature that can be purchased starting at $70.